Book Review – The Peripheral (RK)

The PeripheralThe Peripheral by William Gibson
My rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

This book has taught me an important lesson. I will probably not like anything written by William Gibson. I’m not a fan of struggling through confusion or complex ideas with no guidance, trying to figure out what an object or idea is because the author used a different word for a Television (I’m not saying Gibson used a different word for a television, I have no idea if he did or didn’t – this is just an example).

My first impression of this book was … eh?

Which lead directly in to my second impression, which involved me asking – “Do you have any idea what is happening?” (I was listening to this in the car with my wife at the time).

She answered with some vague notion that the female character (there was a female character?) had been paid to play some type of game. The only part of the game I can articulate involves bugs, lots of bugs, and a camera. To me it sounded like someone was spying on a house with a drone (which is creepy) and pretending it was a video game.

It wasn’t long after the long description of a weird looking alien with two penises (no two right hands though, challenging) that we both decided we’d had enough and couldn’t take it anymore. I salute those of you that have the patience or drive to dig through this book to find the story, I am not among you.

I leave you with the thought that was most forefront in my mind the whole time I was trying to decipher this cryptic text …

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