Book Review – The Neighbor

The NeighborThe Neighbor by Dean Koontz
My rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

This is a creepy little short novella that is the prequel to Koontz’s novel, “The City” (up next on my reading list).

Koontz is great at painting characters – it’s one of the main reasons he is one of my favourite authors. The Neighbor is no exception, and made me excited to get to know these characters in more depth in the novel. The story follows a brother and sister, he just coming of age, she about to leave home, during a summer in which their next-door-neighbor has died, leaving a deserted home just next door.

You guessed it, this is a ghost story.


“One of the good things about being twelve or younger is that you tend to believe that you’ll live forever.”

While this is a book with young characters, it is definitely not a book for young readers. Creeeeeeeeeepy. And the creepy that makes my skin go all crawly. There is sensitive stuff in this book, that might be too much for some readers – I suspect that might explain some of the bad reviews and low ratings. It definitely isn’t for everyone, and some people don’t like reading about these kinds of subjects. (There is child molestation and murder involved in this book). So beware, if this is something that sets you off emotionally!

This is a very quick read. It’s good for a quiet afternoon hour. I don’t recommend it as before-bed reading! Even tackling this in the morning left me feeling unsettled by bedtime. If you are a Koontz fan, you’ll probably like this novella, though it is much less light-hearted stylistically than some of his other work, such as the Odd Thomas series.

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