Ah, the projects of old.

On our recent Chicago vacation, while staying with my parents, they pointed out that at this point, they likely have more of my needlework in their house than I do – and they are right!  At least in number of pieces – a couple in the living room, a couple in the guest room, one in the kitchen, even one in the bathroom!  That’s because I lost most of my needlework in our house fire some seven years ago.

While I was thinking about it, I realized that I might still have pictures somewhere on my hard drive of some of that work.  Lo and behold, I did!  I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos, these were taken on an old, old digital camera.

This was one of my Teresa Wentzler pieces, the picture taken while it was still in progress.
Another Teresa Wentzler. I had also done her Fruits Bellpull and Rapunzel, though I don’t have pictures, even in progress ones, of those!
These sweet kitties. The piece was a bit cutesy but I loved it.
Speaking of cutesy! This was one of a number of sunflower projects I had hanging in my kitchen and dining room, the only one of which I have a photo of the completed work.


I loved making items for the holidays; this was one of my favourites. Most of the others were plastic canvas items, as this one is, but this piece was mixed with aida.
Nefertiti, part of a set of two.
And Tutankhamun, the other half of the pair. These were never framed and hung, they were still waiting for their spot. I was intending to get them framed and matted together to be hung over our bed. Now I don’t wait; I frame and hang everything immediately!
This stamped cross-stitch piece was never framed nor hung either! It was one of my favourites to stitch and I had a blast making it. If I were going to re-make something from the past, it might be this one (though really, there are too many projects on my wish list to repeat stuff, much as I loved it)!
These needlepoint pieces were small – 6″ square or so – and were also intended to go in our bedroom. Another set that were never framed or hung, sadly enough.
This wedding piece hung in our main hallway, and I was so proud of it! One day I’ll do another anniversary date piece. By the by, we framed this in an octagonal frame, but it was a heck of a thing to find a way to frame a round piece without custom framing! We had to search and search as we couldn’t afford custom frames very easily.
This beautiful crochet doily was finished just before our fire, and was never really used.  It had never even been starched and pressed!
This is the last picture I found in my old “crafts” picture folder. This Mirabilia piece survived the fire, as I’d gifted it to my parents. It now hangs, beautifully custom framed, in their upstairs hallway.

There were many, many more pieces that weren’t photographed.  I hadn’t thought about it much before.  I just lived with my beautiful ecru wagon wheel afghan, and the rolled up, finished stitchery in my drawers.  I had such a bounty of beautiful pieces and never really appreciated them.  But I do now!  I never, ever wait to frame a piece and put it up, as I mentioned above, and I still give away work often, to those who might (and might not LOL) appreciate it!  I never mourn the pieces I gift to others, although who knows – they might be mouldering in crawlspaces or a dusty mess in an attic somewhere – because once I sent them out in the world full of love, they were on their own so to speak.  But I do mourn the many pieces from my own collection that I lost.

Someday my walls will be as full as they once were.  And every piece now means something extra special.



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