Travelling with a Grateful Heart

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We are on the road this week!  Travel is one of my favourite pursuits, whether it’s a close-to-home road trip or an international trek.  We are headed to visit family and friends in the land where I grew up – down yonder in the Chicago area.

Travel often reminds me of how much I have to be grateful.  Just having the opportunity to move freely through the world (within our budget of course!) is such a blessing.  Learning and exploring and just hanging out all day with my husband is a huge treat, and we’ve already had some great moments on this trip.



Sunflowers are my very favourite flower, and we’ve been seeing beautiful huge fields of them in bloom this whole trip.  I usually don’t think about farmers growing sunflowers, but all that sunflower oil and those sunflower seeds I sprinkle all over my salads must come from farms somewhere.  We’ve just been lucky080 enough to get to drive by and even hang out in them this trip!

Yep, that’s me in a sunflower field, getting all gropey with the blooms.  Don’t worry, I didn’t steal any – coming from a farming family I respect both crops and farmers!!  Just had to check them out up close and personal.





Lions and Big Horn Sheep and Bears, Oh my!

Okay, so we haven’t seen a tiger this trip, and this was as close as we’ve gotten to a bear – don’t you love a man who is always willing to pose in silly ways for you? – but I did get a good view of a mountain lion devouring his dinner and an enormous big horn sheep high on a cliff over the highway.  There’ve also been countless deer, one of whom tried his luck and ran directly in front of our car late last night!  He’s lucky this guy of mine has such quick reflexes, I’ve gotta say.

And what are my guy and that bear gazing 090at?

Babies.  It’s always about those troublemaking babies.

This was a cute little rest stop/shop/gas station we happened to pull into in North Dakota.  So adorable!



030Beautiful Road Trip Weather

At a gas stop, the clerk asked me what I thought of the weather.  “It’s gorgeous!” I told him.  “Sunny, blue skies, fluffy white clouds, who could ask for more?”  He told me that every day, all day, he’d been getting complaints about the heat, and it was refreshing to hear that someone was happy today.  “Pfft.” I told him.  “Everyone will be complaining about winter cold and snow soon enough.  They should appreciate summer while it’s here!”

Don’t hide inside.  Get out in the summer and DO something!!  Find something to be grateful for!

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