Richard and Katie go to White Castle

Remember when Harold and Kumar went?

Did you really think we would go all this way and not hit White Castle when it’s only a few blocks from where we were staying?

Bringing home the Booty!

We went to see Mission Impossible 5 tonight and had the munchies after, so decided to stop by the White Castle before heading in for the night.  And let me tell you, WC Corporate, if you’re listening – your overnight staff at the Midlothian IL location is absolutely awesomesauce!  The manager chatted with us, the employees were friendly and lovely and they took great care of us, especially when they heard we were travelling from Canada and wanted to try a bunch of their menu.

Little did they know they’d get blogged about…

We stood there staring at the menu for quite a while.  Things have totally changed since I was a kid and your options were Original, Original with Cheese, and fries or onion rings.  After debating a bit, we decided to get two of a bunch of things and taste-test.  And then, because they looked irresistible, we added on an order of loaded fries.

Top Row: Original with bacon and cheese, Original, Savory Chicken Bottom Row: Jalapeno Original, Chicken with cheese, Chicken Ringer, Original with cheese., Chicken with cheese and bacon.
Loaded Fries

Our Verdicts:


Katie says: Always good.  Love how the steamed bun melts into the burger.

Richard says: Original is original.  Surprised by the onions and pickle (pleasantly surprised).  Yummy squishy meaty yumminess.  Not better with extra mustard, plain all the way.

Original with cheese: 

Katie says: My favourite!  I always douse this one with extra mustard – I swear it’s better that way and White Castle mustard is like nowhere elses’.  Again, that melty steamed bun and the pickles and onions – heaven.

Richard says: Yumminess with cheese. Excellent, my second fav of the bunch.  This one does need the extra mustard – I’m sure it has something to do with the interaction of beef, cheese, bun and mustard.  No conclusive scientific evidence forthcoming at midnight.

Original with cheese and bacon:

Katie says:  This is overwhelming.  The bacon is too much.  The texture is wrong on the slider.  I don’t like it.

Richard says:  No comment.  I am not allowed to admit that something might not be better with bacon.  They would revoke my BACON! card.

Jalapeno Original:

Katie says: Wow spicy.  Good, but I couldn’t eat more than one.  This was almost overwhelming but wound up just right.  The fries help to control the burniness of the burger.

Richard says: I like spicy, and this was good, but don’t order a sack of these unless you are a masochist and want the burnies the next day.  Extra mustard not necessary for full enjoyment.

Savory Chicken:

Katie says:  Um, okay.  This is a chicken sandwich.  The steamed bun seems to be less good with chicken than with beef.  Kinda boring.

Richard says:  This was my fav.  I enjoyed whatever spices were in the chicken and it just worked for me.  Extra mustard was ok, but not necessary for total awesomeness.

Chicken with cheese:

Katie says:  Ugh.  I don’t like this one at all.  Don’t like the fried chicken breast.  Don’t like the cheese.  Bun is weird.  Icky.  Handed this one over to the husband – you eat the rest.

Richard says:  Didn’t finish this one, it was that good.  Dry, not pleasant.  Bleh.  Even mustard couldn’t salvage it.

Chicken with cheese and bacon:

Katie says: Okay, this is better.  The cheese sauce makes the chicken not so dry and the bacon is chopped so it’s not so overwhelming.  Better than the chicken with cheese.  My favourite of the chickens.

Richard says:  Enjoyed this one quite a bit.  The crumbled bacon was a smart idea with the cheese sauce, would not have been good with  the full sized bacon.  As a bacon connoisseur, I approve.  Extra mustard adds some zingy yummyness.

Chicken Ringer:

Katie says:  This is interesting.  I like the barbeque sauce.  I like the onion rings.  Not as dry as the other chickens.

Richard says:  We ate this?  Yeah it was good, I’m not a big onion ring fan.  Get rid of that and put more bacon on this with the bbq sauce.

Loaded Fries:

Katie says: This would be excellent drunk food.  This is full of cheese and fat and taste and would soak up alcohol very well.

Richard says: Best fries ever.  I’ve had some pretty bad ‘cheese fries’ since coming down here (I want my gravy back!) but when you can’t get a poutine, these will do.




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