Packing up the Ranch!

travel disraeliWe are frequent travellers here at the ranch, and as such have learned a few little tips and tricks over the years to make travelling easier and less stressful.  One of my favourites has to do with packing for travel.  Packing is stressful for many people – just getting all the laundry done that you need can be a hassle if you don’t have a huge wardrobe (hint: we don’t!).  Not to mention those moments you get to at the end of the trip when all you have left to wear is teal capri pants and a pink sweater with a bra that shows through.  And probably orange socks, because that’s the way those moments go.

We pack with good intentions; x number of pants and shirts, plenty of socks and undies, but it’s often hard to plan ahead.  And most of us don’t have mix and match wardrobes where everything goes with everything else.  It can be hard to remember when you’re grabbing an outfit what’s left at the bottom of the suitcase.  Does it go together?  Do you even have time to figure that out, or are you rushing to get to the hotel breakfast or to the front desk in time for check out?

Okay, that stress is simmering just thinking about it, isn’t it?  Not necessary!  There’s a super easy way to pack to ensure that you have matching outfits for every day, down to bras and panties that work with that outfit (I don’t think guys have this issue, but there is nothing worse than trying to stuff granny panties into low rise jeans or black bras under see-through white shirts!).

Start by laying your stuff out on your bed.  Lay out more than you need.  Don’t be stingy.  You know how many outfits you want to pack.

018Okay.  Now pick out a shirt.  If you’re like me, they are more diverse and colourful than your slacks/pants/skirts so you’ll be matching everything else to your shirt.  Lay it out face down on your bed, smoothed out nicely.  Grab a pair of pants that match the shirt, and choose your undies as well.  Fold your pants around the undies and socks, then place the folded bundle on top of your shirt, toward the center of the back neckline.

Fold the sides of your shirt inward, just019 as if you were doing a retail fold of the shirt, but around the pants or skirt, which are stuffed with your other essentials.  Fold the bottom up, creating a neat little package.  Keep putting outfits together, and before you know it, you’ll have a nice little stack on the bed, everything coordinated and ready to go.  Things will stay organized and together, and better yet, when you put them into the suitcase vertically rather than horizontally, you’ll be able to see everything when you open the suitcase, right from day one, to quickly and easily locate exactly the outfit that suits that days needs.

Ten days of clothes, all in a row!


This may take a few extra minutes during preparation (though not much more!) but it’s totally worth it when you can just grab and go every morning and never have to worry!  I usually pack a few extra socks (for hiking mishaps, rainy days and the like) and underwear (in case we go swimming – I gotta have clean ones after, same with socks!)  I’ll usually toss in a cardigan on it’s own, especially when, like for this trip, I’ve packed mostly lightweight and sleeveless tops expecting heat.  You just never know!

Let me know how this works for you, if you give it a try.  It’s also especially helpful to do this for kids, so they have it easier getting ready in a strange place.

I’ll be continuing to blog through our travels, and will be looking forward to sharing our adventures while on the road!