Book Review – Hanging Hill

Hanging HillHanging Hill by Mo Hayder

My rating: (3 / 5)

As far as mysteries go, this was a pretty solid, kept-me-guessing-to-the-last page book. I liked it. I just didn’t love it.

It seems like this author has quite a rabid and intense fan following, so I may be stepping on some toes here, but while I enjoyed it and it was fun, it’s not like I’m ever going to specifically look for more books by this author or recommend this to friends or anything of that nature.

This story centers around two sisters who haven’t really had anything to do with one another since a childhood incident where the badass sister – now a badass female detective who doesn’t take guff from anyone –

pushed her sweet, innocent, blonde sister off the bed and broke her hand. Now badass sister is in the middle of investigating a local homicide of a young woman in town who ran in the social circles of the local teens, including her niece.

Because, see, sweet innocent sister went on to get married and have a little girl. Except her moneyed husband who spoiled the wife and daughter rotten has left, gotten another woman pregnant, and is busy spending his money elsewhere these days. So innocent sister is having to make a go of it as a house cleaner, as she doesn’t seem to have any other marketable skills.

The daughter still wants to keep up with her friends at the private school and thinks that a good solution to no one spending money on her would be to borrow money from a local drug dealer. Because heaven knows, she can’t suck it up and live without going on extravagant trips with her peers. Divorce sucks.

And so sweet innocent sister takes on a side job doing some household management for one of her cleaning clients, off the books. But that makes said client think she’s his property, which is creepy considering the guy got his own bucks by being a pornographer. A really icky one, too. Not that any pornographers are the kind of guys you particularly want to have over for dinner, but there are some that you wouldn’t want to pee on if they were on fire. He’s the latter type.

Things intersect and get tangled up and people die and mysteries get solved and you think it’s all wrapped up nice and neat in a package tied with crime scene tape, and then the last five pages of the book happen and you’re all skeeved out again.

Serviceable, solid mystery with a good ending.

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