Being Grateful Where you Are

gratitude zigler


Oh my, am I ever grateful for my aching feet.

We’ve been a lot of places this week, and that ache in my arches is just a reminder of the fun we’ve had and the great things we’ve seen and done while we are on this trip.  Sometimes, it’s about how you look at things.  I could complain about being tired, or I could whine because I’m a bit achey, or I could be grateful that I am getting to see and do wonderful things!  I will always choose the latter!

And what a week we’ve had; Chicago’s Field Museum, Navy Pier, the Chicago River Architecture boat tour, and so much more.  We’ve played tourists in my old home town, and it’s been a blast.  But what else have we done?

Spending time with Family

Some of my favourite people in this world 005are family members, and I don’t get to see them too often, being as I live so very far away, but this week has been particularly special.  Not only did we have a great lunch with so many people, but I got to spend the afternoon and evening with two of my favourite people in the world today, my aunt and uncle.

I mean, just look at these two! Aren’t they awesome?


Richard says he sees a lot of my Aunt Catherine in me, which is a huge compliment.  She’s smart and funny and just downright… sassy.  That’s the best word for it, I think! She just says I stole her hair and left her with the grey stuff, ha!

I always admired their marriage so much when I was growing up, because they never stopped being sweet and romantic with one another – they still haven’t!  They are so obviously still madly in love and made for each other.  And I’m so lucky to have found a husband that is such a gentleman, like my Uncle Jerry.  They are so much fun to be with!

Cross Border Shopping!

Our garage sale money has sure come in handy, let me tell you!  With the exchange rate as it is right now, it’s not as much of a bargain as it sometimes is to go shopping across the border, but we are thankful for the things we can find here that are hard to locate in our neck of the woods, like size 15WW shoes for Richard and really cute, comfortable and supportive 40DD bras for me!  Sometimes our sizes are trickier to find up north, or if we find them, they are absurdly expensive, or unbearably ugly.  We’ve also found some great sales in our search, so it’s kind of like the universe was looking out for us, at least a little bit!

At any rate, it’s important to remember to be thankful for everything, the little things, the difficult things, and the things that might not seem to be blessings at first.  I am thankful for it all, for every smidgen of trouble or happiness, every iota of joy and frustration.  It all means you’re alive! (And who wants the alternative, right?)



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