My Grateful Heart…



Silent Nights…

032These handy little helpers, oh my.  I wouldn’t sleep without them.  I buy the “economy size” jars of them for a reason!  I don’t want to have to buy a six pack every week…

Richard snores like a freight train when he’s sick (and other times too) and he’s been having a week of not feeling well.  I’m a pretty light sleeper a lot of the time, and I’ve been having terrible insomnia for months, so even a little bit of noise can wake me.  Of course, sometimes he still wakes me right through these!

Not to mention, there is construction going on down the street from me.  Our street has been closed just past our block for about a month now as they put in the new sewer pipes.  I think that the last week or so they’ve started to get concerned that they aren’t going to finish in time for August long weekend, when the Heritage Days parade here in Strathmore goes right down our street past our front door.  It’s a huge deal in this little town, and they likely don’t want to alter the route.  As such, they’ve been starting work very early (I’m talking 6 AM here, when I’m usually still happily snoozing) and have been working weekends, too.  Oh god it drives me crazy, and also occasionally wakes me right through the ear plugs.  But without them I’d be completely miserable, so thank goodness for them. 013


Let it Rain!!

As you can see in the above picture, it’s been raining this week.  And we’ve been very blessed – to the west of us people are flooded.  To the east of us, people are still dry, fields and gardens parched.  We are right in the sweet spot and are getting perfect, beautiful summer showers.  Yay for rain!



Hitting that Sweet Spot

035I saw this on Pinterest a little while back – an Orange Creamsicle float – and thought huh, that’s interesting.  Then I was massively craving one, suddenly, and my sweet and wonderful and loving husband went to the store and picked up vanilla ice cream and orange soda.

Also?  YUM.  These are totally decadent and taste just like a Creamsicle.  So delicious and perfect for summertime.


What are you grateful for today?  Share below!

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