Movie Night at Home

Movie NightOne of our favourite things here is movie night.  We’re homebodies, so often we prefer movies at home rather than at the theatre, and love having a huge movie stash on hand for whenever we feel like bringing the big screen into our living room.

We used to have a huge DVD collection for those nights, but are about to sell hundreds of them at a garage sale next weekend.  Why?  Because we’ve imported them all onto our home media server!  My other half is going to be posting a series about how to create your own home media server and fill it with your own collection of movies and TV.  It cuts the clutter tremendously – something we are working on actively here at the ranch.  It makes finding what you want to watch easier – even with a well-alphabetized collection it’s hard to remember what’s where and what this or that was about.  When you set it up the way my husband has, you can flip through and read the plot synopses and view the art, stars, directors and so on for easy decision-making.

Another plus to the home media server is remote access!  We travel a lot, and hotel TV – even when they offer cable – seems to be overwhelmingly boring.  Unless, of course, you want to pay for pay per view!  That, I suspect, is why they always have the most awful, boring cable packages possible.  But all we have to do is plug one of our laptops into the TV, dial into our home server via the wireless internet connection, and voila!  Any movie we have, right at our fingertips.

Check out the tag below to see Richard’s posts on how to set up your own media server for your home and get on with your own movie nights!