Fast Food – McDonalds

Now, over the course of a month, we end up eating out quite a bit.  There aren’t a lot of options here in Strathmore, especially if you want fast food.  While things are expanding bit by bit, we’re still pretty limited.

big_mac_eats_a_big_mac_by_txlegionnaire-d4ia7rv[1]McDonalds is a staple in my eating out diet.  I don’t know what they do to make their food taste so good, but whatever it is they do it well.  I’ve heard that they coat their fries in sugar, and they do something to their beef to make it addictive.  To be honest, I really don’t care.  They can inject the cows with as much awesome as they want if the end product is a Big Mac.

There are few things that I can’t replicate at home in some fashion, a big mac is one of those things.  Hence, why it is so great that a place like McDonalds exists.  They show me things that are critical to my life’s happiness, that I wouldn’t have known existed without them being there.

Regular Order –

Now I’m a big guy, so I can eat a good portion.  My normal order when we go out, is some combo, plus a few value items.  McDonalds has a great value menu and I’ve never been disappointed.  Their new Jr. Chicken sandwiches are so good words can’t describe.  I think it’s the spices in the breading, it’s slightly different than the mcchicken (which is still awesome) but spicier somehow.  I love getting a pair of those, and a Big Mac for my to-go order.


I have also been a big fan of their “new and improved” chicken nuggets.  They were good previously, but are now even better.  Whatever they put in their batter just does it for me.  They are like what I imagine crack would taste like, if crack was breaded in awesomeness and filled with spiced superchicken.  Why don’t you have honey mustard!  I make do with your sweet and sour sauce, but I know I’m missing out on the honey mustard train.

Breakfast –

Now – we can’t forget breakfast.  The Egg mcmuffins are the best breakfast sandwich that was ever created.  Fortunately, I can make those at home (thank you round egg moulds!).  But I do not have a frier to make flat hasbrown patty things, which are one of the beast parts of breakfast to go.  Other plates try, but no one else has mastered the crispy, fluffy, potato pancake like McDonalds has.

I could take or leave their bagels (normally take!), but their breakfast burritos are pretty good.  Not like Sonic good, but still pretty tasty.

Drinks –

McDonalds has by far the best soft drinks that I’ve found anywhere.  I read up a on why a while ago, I think someone had asked McDonalds and they were cool enough to answer.  The jist of it is, their drinks are cooled before they hit your cup.  In most places, they rely on ice to chill your drink down to the cool refreshing temperature, but McDonalds insulates and cools the lines running to the fountain drink stations to make sure that the drink that comes out is already cool and refreshing.  Therefore it melts less ice to stay cool, and doesn’t water itself down too quickly.

They also have Coke Zero, which my wife prefers to Diet.  She doesn’t drink the full sugar soda (like me!) so that’s a nice benefit for her.

Thing I miss most –

Texas BBQ burger – or the Steak’n’egg bagel.  OMG that bagel was fantastic.

Fin –

Now, I hope you weren’t expecting a rating out of 10, if you don’t know what McDonald’s food tastes like you’re really missing out and should go and try some.  If you do eat there, what’s your favourite?  Do you like that new CBO sandwich?  It’s been too weird looking for me to try it, but my wife seemed to enjoy it.  What do you miss from the menu?

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Patt O'Connor


I, too, love McDonalds. Do they have the McRib in Canada? It only comes around once or twice a year here, but we always go when it’s here! Love the French fries. John’s favorite is the Quarter pounder with cheese, but I like the old fashioned regular cheeseburgers. When we were in Maine, we had a McLobster sandwich which was really good. Don’t know if they still serve it there. Guess we will have to make another trip East!


They do have the McRib, though it only comes out twice a year as you said. I read an article that said they sell more of them that way, than when they kept it for a whole year on their menu. Go figure.

The fries are definitely unique, and while they aren’t my favorite, they are pretty close. Sometimes I get a craving specifically for their fries.

I quite enjoy the new quarter pounder BLT, it was my go-to sandwich for a while. Not sure if they have it in the states, but they also have an Angus Third pounder here that is a pretty good.

I’ve never even seen the McLobster, I would be afraid to order it since it’s so foreign – but if you say it’s good I’ll have to keep an eye out for that and give it a shot. I do enjoy lobster.


I got a McLobster here in town the other day! I didn’t think it was very good; the lobster was chewy and the sandwich was a bit dry. I wouldn’t get it again. But I love their Mediterranean Veggie wrap! It’s my go-to at McD’s.

What did you think?