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Getting to Give

The bunkbeds back when we were first putting the boys' room together.
The bunkbeds back when we were first putting the boys’ room together.

One of the best things in the world, to me, is getting the chance to GIVE something to someone who will really appreciate it.  This is why I spend forever and ever picking out gifts.  It has to be just right – not necessarily expensive or fancy, just something that would be wonderful for that particular person.

What’s even better than giving gifts?  Getting to give people things that don’t cost you a thing, because they’re already in your house!  This week I had the opportunity to give away the bunk beds the boys used when they lived with us to a family that will use them, and a roasting pan to a friend who wanted one.  We’ve been cleaning out the clutter and are planning a huge yard sale for the weekend, but I just love giving things away if I know things are of use to someone else.  It’s a selfish thing – makes me feel good.  I’m glad I have had the chance to do it this week.

Party Time!

We were invited to two grumpy-cat-partyparties this past weekend, and were able to attend both.  What a difference from some of our weekends the last couple of years!  It was strange being out again, but it was nice to spend time with old friends and meet some new people.  Invitations mean a lot when you are trying to deal with deep issues, just knowing that people are thinking about you and want you around.

Of course, don’t go thinking we were off moshing or something.  A heavy party night for us now means someone made empanadas and someone else brought Cards Against Humanity.  (I kinda kick butt at that game…)

This guy

023As you may have noticed, my other half has been making more of an appearance on this blog as of late.  I’ve been waiting and hoping for more of his posts, because I always have loved reading his stuff, but also because we hoped this site would be a reflection of us and our dreams, and it makes me unbearably happy to see him popping up here again.


What blessings are you counting this week?  Share below!

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I’m glad that you do this particular type of blog posting, it’s great to remember the blessings in life <3


<3 Awww, thank you! It's been really impactful in my life, to really think about some of the blessings and things to be grateful for every week. It makes me more aware and awake inside of my life, I've really loved doing it!

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