Baileys Original


Overall – 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

I love Baileys Original.  I’ve tried a few of the flavoured ones as well, but keep coming back for this.

The cream is perfectly smooth and rich with every sip.  The whiskey hits you with warmth, but you barely notice it going down – at least until you’re on your third glass and wondering why you can’t sit up straight.

I prefer to keep my Baileys in the fridge and serve it on the rocks.  The colder the better – but I don’t like to leave it marinating with the ice cubes too long so often pour smaller portions and drink them fairly quickly.  You’ll find me sucking on the ice cubes after the majority of the cream is gone while on my way back to the fridge for a second glass.

Best after dinner drink that I’ve tried (aside from a really good cognac).  Drink this one after meals and impress people by saying you’re just enjoying your digestif 😉


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