While I am still devoted to the practice of gratitude in my life, I am cutting down to one post of three items per week, which will be published on Wednesdays, mainly because I am also devoted to increasing my practice of writing in general, and will be working to create other posts for this blog as well!

I also would encourage all of you to begin a gratitude practice of your own.  It makes a difference in my life, as I’m more prone to notice all of the little things that I might otherwise take for granted, and lets me take a pause at least once a day to think over the things I’m grateful for as they happen, selecting the ones that elicited the longest and most significant pauses to highlight here.  In the book I reviewed yesterday, which you can check out here, the author spends a full chapter on the practice of gratitude and how it can help you lead a more authentic and joy-filled life.  I couldn’t agree with her assessment more!

My joys of this week include…

My Writer’s Group

Photo copyright Jo-Anne Sieppert

What a group of crazy, awesome, inspiring people.

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Photo copyright Jo-Anne Sieppert

I missed my writer’s group so much during the last year and a half.  It’s changed some since it started, but there is something very special about a group of creative minds coming together to encourage and support one another that fires the parts of your brain that help you make cool stuff.

I’ve written more and had more creative ideas since I came home from this weeks writer’s group than I have in a year and a half.  That’s saying something.  I owe them for whatever good things come out of me this week, writing wise.  Of course, that also means I can blame them for the really awful things, right?

If you’re local to the area, you should really come out and join us at the Strathmore Municipal library on the first Monday of every month.  Join our group on Facebook to learn more about us!


This Brand New Website!cow

My husband has spent many hours putting together this website, to suit both our visions.  It’s been a lot of programming work for him, to get everything working properly, and I’m so excited about the possibilities it embodies!  It’s been so much fun picking out and creating new graphics, setting up old content to be new again and putting everything together.

I mean, don’t you think it’s awesome??!!


My Stitch ‘n Bitch Girls

004 003I have a group of friends I get together with to do all our various artsy-craftsy-ness in an environment where there is lots of laughter, encouragement, shared learning and sometimes a bit of stash-enabling.  But that’s what friends are for, right?

Who else can you take with you to Michael’s, who will work through your shopping anxiety with you, and stick around while you compare every brand of yarn in the store so you can find the colors and texture that is just right for your new project?  I mean that kind of patience is pretty remarkable, considering what a picky person I can be about my crafting stuff.  But these ladies, these lovely ladies, they are there for me in the most remarkable of ways.

I’m just so damn lucky.  And so thankful.


What are you grateful for today? Comment and share the joy!

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Well, I personally think that friends are treasures and should be valued no matter what! I am envious of your writing group. I used to part of an agency that facilitated a writer’s group but that has ended. So… Yay for finding your way back to yours! I will never have enough words or thought processes to express how grateful I am for the people who’ve come into my life over the years to give me a family, love, and support. And you are definitely one of them Katie!!

Patt O'Connor


I love reading your posts. I am thankful today for how well my knees are functioning. The stairs aren’t bad any more and other than the pain from my RA , I am moving better than I have in years!


Ayla – I totally agree! There’s an energy that comes from meeting with creative people – well, as you know from our Stitch n Bitch group! Just another reason for you to move closer to Strathmore – hint hint! And people are one of the best things to be grateful for – I’m making more of an effort to make sure the people – like you! – who make my life better know about it!!

Mom – Thank you, that’s so sweet 🙂 It’s good to know you’re doing better. I’m so glad your recovery has been going well and can’t wait to see how well you’re walking around when we get there in August!

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