Practicing Gratitude



I am so grateful for…

Fresh Cherries!

Part of this weeks bounty

Usually fresh cherries are right at the top of my list for my Farmer’s Market Fridays – and this week was no exception.  I think I could very happily live on these things  allllll summer long.

At the big supermarkets, you can get cherries out of season or in.  But fresh-from-the-farm cherries taste like nothing else, and remind me of sitting on my grandparent’s porch with my Grandpa Elzy and Great-Uncle Avon with big bowls of fresh-from-the-trees cherries – summer bursting in your mouth with every bite.

Lush Baths

I had forgotten how much I loved baths, 002(blasphemy, right???) and how wonderful and relaxing they are with a big, fizzing, fragrant bath bomb tossed in.  I used to be absolutely addicted to bath time – and had a Lush bath at least twice a week, sometimes more often.  They were my stress-buster, my way of pampering myself, my aromatherapy – heck, maybe just my regular therapy!  So this week, w/hen it was 4:30 in the morning and insomnia had me in it’s grips with no sign of letting go, I felt inspired to head to the tub, and I’m so glad I did.

008This particular bath made me feel like a fairy princess – beautiful forest-pool green and full of flower petals – and one glittering little butterfly!  Do you know it’s been more than a year since I’ve had a bath at home, let alone a Lush bath?  There just wasn’t time enough for me to take that much of it for myself, but I’m trying to be nice to myself again.  And I’m so grateful to have the time and the pleasure of it.




Beautiful Summer Days!

011We don’t get a long summer season here in Strathmore – though it’s significantly longer than it was when we lived in Grande Prairie.  I’m grateful for every beautiful, sunny day when I can get outside and appreciate the trees, the plants, the flowers, the sunshine, the blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

Have you been taking the time to appreciate the little moments in your life that you’re grateful for?  Share them in the comments!



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We’ve sure been getting our share of nice summer days with clear skies and blazing hot sun. I’ve missed the rainstorms the last few years, they just don’t seem to come around as often anymore. We had a brief thunderstorm the other day, but it just wasn’t that satisfying.


I would love for a daytime raging thunderstorm – we’ve only had the mild few night time ones. But the sunshine has been nice, too. It’s pretty much always a nice enough day to do anything we want – nothing has been rained out on us this year so far! Yeah, trying to look on the bright side 🙂

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