Plans for the Ranch!

You’ve been waiting for this, haven’t you?  I know you have – since you read that we were already creating plans for the container home, you’ve wondered, curious and not wanting to say.

Or maybe not.  But you get to see the floorplans anyway.

First Floor

snapshotThe layout of the first floor is fairly simple, five 8 x 40 containers and one 8 x 20 container forming a horseshoe around a central courtyard.

Starting from the lower left corner, you have the utility room (somewhat cut off by the screenshot – sorry!), leading into the kitchen, the dining room, then Richard’s office area on the left and his bar on the right, a powder room in the corner, and the stairs.

As we go round the bend, that bump-out is created by the 8 x 20 container, creating the living room.  French doors lead into the entryway, and beyond another set on the far side, we move into the multipurpose room.  We have my craft area at the top, next to a secondary bedroom that might become a home gym.  There is a reading area with a chaise, a comfy chair, and bookshelves, across the way a piano is up against the wall to the main downstairs bath.  At the bottom you’ll see Richard’s poker table and another secondary bedroom.


3D View
View of the utility room and kitchen, leading into the dining room.
3D View
Living room and entryway

Guest Cottage

At the base of the horseshoe above, if I’d had the room to put more into the overview floorplan screenshot, you would see the guest cottage, a single 8 x 40 container.  This is where Richard and I will live while the rest of the house is under construction, and where you might be lucky enough to come be our guest for a while!

3D View
Right side of the guest cottage, featuring a queen bed and sleeper sofa.
3D View
The left side of the guest cottage, with french doors to the courtyard, a table and chairs, small kitchen area with a mini fridge, microwave and coffee maker, and the bathroom.

The Second Floor

6snapshotThe second floor of the main house contains our master suite.  It is made up of two 8 x 40 containers.  Additionally, there is a second 8 x 20 container stacked atop the one downstairs to loft the living room ceiling.

The bathroom walks through into the master closet, which has a single french door leading out onto the second floor deck, which will be atop the rest of the first floor on both sides of the master bedroom.  There is a second set of french doors beside the bed to reach the right side deck.

We plan to have only a partial wall between our bedroom and the living room below, with sliding panels that can close off the space.  This may be a little difficult to understand, looking at the overview, as you can “see through” to the first floor below.  The 3D image below will likely make it a bit easier to understand the layout.


I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  Would you be able to live in this layout?  What about coming to visit in the guest cottage?  Let us know below!

4 Comments for “Plans for the Ranch!”

Richard Kenig


Not we’re really just crossing our fingers that an engineer can sign off on how we have everything arranged, with the windows and doors and stairs where we want them etc. From all the research Katie has done (wow so much) we’re optimistic. We put a lot of time in to organizing this to make sense for us and I’m really looking forward to putting it together.

Katie Kenig


No kidding. I was thinking today (because I saw and waved at him while out taking Ivy to the groomer!) that maybe we should talk to Abe, our GC from this house. He or Cory might have some connections and could point us in the direction we need, not to mention he might do our GC work for us, since he’s one of the few in the area that still does custom homes!