Liquid Gratitude

gratefullifeOsteenThis has been a bit of a hard week for me.  The weather changes have triggered migraines.  I had a crazy allergic reaction (oh the blessings of that pale, sensitive Irish skin!) and wound up with a rash/hives that knocked me on my butt for a day.  I’ve been struggling with PTSD related anxiety and panic – though things are on a general upturn there are still terribly bad days.  But even on dark days there are points of light – and those are the times it is the most important to recognize them!

There’s a bit of a theme for my post this week, if you hadn’t guessed from the title.  Liquid Gratitude – for some reason, maybe the start of summer and warm weather, I’ve been counting my blessings that come in liquid form this week.


Tropicana Watermelon

Have you tried this stuff yet?  It’s like summer in a glass – so good.  And in case it’s hard to see in that image – Untitled-2

Yep, that’s right, 100 calories a serving.  Now, that’s not as calorie – cheap as a diet soda, but it has much less sugar than say kool-aid, let alone most juices and soft drinks.  And it’s delicious.  Did I mention the delicious?

This would be killer with a shot of fruity vodka, or as the mixer in summer cocktails.  I may have to talk my husband into trying that out on the liquor side of our blog!


Friends who brin031g you Mead

And mead in general.  It’s awesome stuff.  But when one of your friends shows up with it to accompany craft and movie night, it’s even better.  Look for a full review of this on – yes, you guessed it! – the liquor side of the blog!


Morning coffee in my favourite mug026

My husband brought me this mug when he was on a business trip in Syracuse, NY last year, and it quickly became my favourite.  I just can’t help but giggle at it, even though I’ve seen it maybe 100 times now.  Not that decaf will ever touch the inside of this mug.  I’ve never really understood decaf…

So, really, this is another twofer – I 025adore the mug that reminds me of my husband and the way he always thinks of me when he’s away, and oh brother do I adore my coffee.




An ABUNDANCE of fresh, clean drinking water

015Do you know how easy we have it here in Canada?  We just go ahead and turn on the tap and boom – clean water.  Water that won’t make you sick.  Water that you don’t have to lug from a well down the street.  Water that is clear and crisp and refreshing.

And not just for drinking either – we use that beautiful, purified stuff to shower, water our lawns, even flush our toilets.  (Did you know more people have access to mobile phones than to flush toilets?  What kind of world is this, anyway??)

That isn’t good enough for most Water Stats from Water.Orgof us – my family included.  We re-filter our drinking water through a Brita-style charcoal filter that sits atop our water cooler.

Or take it a step further – we buy our water in little environmentally unfriendly plastic containers – and we spend more on that bottle of water than we do for the same amount of gasoline.  Yes, that’s right, bottled water costs you more than the same liquid amount of gas for your car.  As much as I hear my friends, family and neighbors rant about the cost of gas, I’ve never heard one of them rant about the cost of a bottle of water at that same gas station.

And having access to that makes you a lucky person indeed.

Learn more at Water.Org

What are you grateful for today?  Share your thoughts below!

2 Comments for “Liquid Gratitude”


That watermelon juice is pretty awesome. And I haven’t had a chance to sample the mead yet – I guess that’s what happens when it’s a ‘girl’s’ night and I’m away on business, but I look forward to doing so eventually.

I still smile when I see that mug too, it was so awesome. That giant mall in Syracuse was good for finding that one tiny shop in the corner, lol.


I am working on a cocktail recipe or two involving the watermelon I’m thinking some muddled fresh mint, vodka and crushed ice for one. Maybe peach schnapps and/or fruity vodka for another. Hmmm…. should be yummzors.

What did you think?