Katie’s Posting Schedule

If anyone is interested, this is the schedule I’ve created for this blog.  I’m posting it here partially to keep me honest (hah!) and partially so you know what day(s) you’ll want to keep an eye on the ranch for the content you’re looking for.  All of these posts will publish at noon, mountain time on their designated days.


Sunday: Lifestyle The lives we live and how we live them or On The Ranch Information about the planning, financing, building and living our Lonesome Cow Ranch dream

Monday:  Book Reviews

Tuesday: Art: Crafts Knitting, Crochet, Needlepoint, Cross-Stitch and other pattern-based creative endeavors or Art: Visual Arts Drawing, Painting, Altered books, Multimedia, and other original, visual art pieces

Wednesday:  Book Reviews

Thursday: Lifestyle: Gratitude Gratitude practice is an important part of embracing a joyful life

Friday:  Book Reviews

Saturday: Kitchen All posts dealing with recipes, food, drink and is there a third option? or Art: Written Arts Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry and other written pursuits


*This schedule may be updated in the future, as there are sections I would like to add, as time allows.