Cuba Libre




Mixing Directions


Fill Collins glass with ice.  Squeeze two lime wedges in to glass, nicely coat ice with lime juice.  Add 2 oz of Rum.  Light rum is traditional, but feel free to mix it up with golden, dark, or even spiced rum.  Fill with cola (one can usually makes 2 servings).


Inspired By –

My wife – this is her favourite.

Ratings –

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) – Cola limey goodness

Comments –

This is a fantastic staple cocktail.  It may be simple, but sometimes simple is really really good.  I’m biased because I’m a huge cola drinker – but this is something I could drink all night.  The rum isn’t overpowering, you can tell it’s there, but there really isn’t any heat or burn.  The drink is nice and smooth, and the longer it sits the more ice melts and the easier it is to forget there is alcohol in there.