Book Review – Just the Three of Us

Just the Three of UsJust the Three of Us by Clare Dowling

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

This took me a little while to read because, well…

I guess it just wasn’t the most exciting thing I’ve read recently.

I thought this book was going to be about the emotions of three people involved, all knowing about one of them – the husband/lover, in this case – being “with” the other two. I expected heartbreak and drama and everyone trying to hold it together. Because that’s kind of what the cover blurb promised.

But it’s not what happened.

Instead this is a fairly standard Boy-meets-girl-and-cheats-on-his-wife-with-her story. And like 99% of these stories (I expected this one to be different, I guess, from the misleading blurb) as soon as the wife finds out, everything blows up. So really, it’s not about the three of them. It’s about a guy who is unhappy in his marriage to an overbearing wife who doesn’t like sex, who finds a younger woman with self-esteem and body-acceptance issues who falls at his feet because he’s nice to her, and everyone gets screwed in the end.

Some literally, some figuratively. Some both.

Geri is a wife who takes her husband sort-of for granted. She doesn’t notice him much, which is why it takes her a while to catch on that he’s having an affair. She’s caught up with her work and her friends and her bake sales at the kids’ school. Debs is sweet and kind of shy and has some dysmorphia about her body. She hates her job and her little apartment and the fact that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she’s also not much motivated to do anything about it. But Bob – who is married to Geri – has lunch at the same deli as Debs most of the time, and eventually they start having lunch together. As well as other things.

It’s an ok read, but nothing special. This is an Irish book, which – being an Irish lass myself – I often like just because of the kickback to Irish culture in the homeland and all that. But this book could’ve honestly been set anywhere, so that didn’t add anything for me.

I’m a little sad. I wanted it to have more.

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