Ask the IT Guy: Changing your Homepage

homepageNow for some of you this may sound like old hat, but I was actually sitting thinking about this and realized that there aren’t any easy questions in IT anymore.  If someone called me on the phone, and asked me this question I’d have a list of questions to go through with them before I even got to the solution.  First off – Mac or PC? Then moving in to what browser, what version, what does it look like.

As IT professionals we are expected to know everything about every piece of software, and even if we don’t use it ourselves be able to walk people through things, step by step, from memory.  I, of course, have no problem with that – but not everyone can be as awesome as I am.

Unfortunately for the purposes of this post I won’t be able to ask you Mac or PC because I don’t have a MAC.  But I will go over all the major browsers, if you use one not on the list let me know.

I’ve decided to break this post out in to several posts, so that people landing here are getting the most relevant information the easiest way possible.  Follow the links below to get the details on how to customize your browser of choice.

Post Outline:


As I mentioned at the start, you’d think this was an easy question – but if you look at the breadth of information between all the above posts, I think you’ll agree it was anything but.  Keep that in mind next time you ask your tech savvy friend for a quick piece of advice 😉

See you next time – and don’t forget to send in your questions!