Ask the IT Guy: Changing your Homepage – Internet Explorer

IE-iconFirst things first – the easiest way to set your homepage is to open a new window, and go to the page that you want to be your home.  With tabbed browsers you can have a series of tabs open and set all of them as your homepage.  So open up what you want, go where you want and get ready to set that as your default.

NOTE – If you don’t want to do this, you’ll just have to type the addresses in manually when we get to that point.

Yes as much as everyone moans and hates on it, it’s still the most popular browser out there.  I could probably fill this post in with the differences between between versions 8, 9, 10, 11 – but really if you haven’t upgraded yet, what’s holding you back?  They’re all equally awful.

This walk through will work for any version that I can remember anyway.  Do you see the menu bar with the file menu across the top?


If you don’t see it, press the “Alt” key.  This works on most Microsoft products to bring up the menu (including windows explorer windows).  Now click on the tools menu, and go down to “Internet Options”


If you set up your tabs in the configration that you want to start with, just click on the “use current” button.  If you haven’t set that all up – type in the full addresses for the sites that you want to open up – one per line.

And you’re done.  Nothing else to it.  Click OK and continue on with your day.