Ask the IT Guy: Changing your Homepage – Google Chrome

chrome-iconChrome treats your experiences a bit differently.  Generally when you re-open Chrome, it starts where you left off last time.  Which is most people’s preferred way to chrome-settingsbegin.  If you’d rather open a specific set of pages that’s easy enough to set up.  Also – you should consider what your ‘new tab’ page will be.  When you click the “home” button, that’s where you get sent.  The startup pages only appear when you first open a new window.

First, open a new window, then set up the tabs that you want to set as your startup pages.  Similar to how things work in IE

Click the hamburger icon (the three dashes) in the upper right and select the “settings” menu.

In the new tab that opens, look for the “On Startup” heading.  There you’ll be able to select what kind of pages you want to begin with.  You can use the new tab page, continue where you left off, or open a specific set of pages.  For our purposes we’re setting homepages so click the radio button next to “open a specific set of pages” – then click the “set pages” link.


In the popup that opens, if there are any pages you can remove them by hovering over them and clicking on the “X” on the far right.  When ready, click the “use current” button.

NOTE – This will import pages from all windows you have open.  If you’ve only got your basic tabs ready this will work great, but if you’re got a ton of tabs open, it might be better for you to input the webpages manually.



When you are happy with your pages setup, click the OK button.  Now, optionally, you can set your “net tab page” under the “Appearance” heading.  Click on the “show home button”.  Beneath that will be a “Change” link – click there.



In the popup that opens, you can select either the new tab page (my preference) or a specific page to open.  This page will open whenever you hit the home button, or open a new tab.  To select a specific page, click the radio button, then type in the address.  Click OK when finished.


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