Ask the IT Guy: Changing your Homepage – Apple Safari

safari-logoNow – if apple wanted some business advice.  They should provide this browser from their own website.  I had to find a third party to download it from.  I understand Apple wants to live in their own world, but that’s just not how things work.  The more people you can convince that your product is superior, is the more people that continue using your products.  Anyway – this is off topic, on to setting your homepage!

Out of all the browsers, Safari is my least favourite.  Apple really hasn’t followed the trend to make things user friendly and easy to navigate.  Which you know, is fine, since they have their own vision of how things should be.

safari-bookmarksThe process for setting a home page is easy, if you want a single homepage.  If you don’t want to set multiple tabs, skip past all this bookmark talk down to the preferences area.

Click on the book button to open the bookmarks for editing.

At the very bottom left is a “+” sign.  Click that to create a new bookmark folder.  Name it what you like, but “Home pages” might be a good option.


Now you can close this tab, and open the tabs that you want to set as your homepages.  For each one, click on the “+” to the left of the address and add it to your Home Pages bookmark folder.

Once you’ve added all your tabs to the folder, it’s time to set them up to open when the browser does.




Now it’s time to set the homepage.  Click on the gear in the upper right and open safari-preferences“Preferences”

Once we get here, we have a ton of options, more than any other browser has to offer – so I suppose Safari is the most customizeable, but not the most novice friendly.

You’ll see a label that says “Safari opens with:” and then a dropdown.  From the dropdown you can select:

  • A new window
  • All windows from last session

Which is similar to what we see in Chrome and Firefox.  Where safari differs is in the next dropdown “New Windows open with:”

  • Top Sites
  • Homepage
  • Empty Page
  • Same Page
  • Bookmarks
  • Tabs for bookmarks bar
  • Choose tabs folder

Now “new window” refers to every time you open a new safari browser.  There is a further dropdown “New tabs open with”.  That lets you change the behaviour of new tabs.

For a single homepage, we are going to select “Homepage” from the first dropdown, then hit “set to current page” or type in the page we want to open.



For a multiple tabbed homepage, we are going to select “Choose tabs Folder” and select our Home Pages bookmarks folder that we created previously.



The cool thing about setting tabbed homepages this way, is we can just add more to the folder (or remove some) any time we want, and don’t have to go back in to the settings to make it work.

When things are to your liking, close the preferences window and you’re all set.

What did you think?