Recipe Review – Romano’s Macaroni Grill Nachos Napoli

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We are big fans of nachos in this house.  Are there households out there that don’t like nachos?  I mean, even the people I know who are lactose intolerant and/or celiac and/or vegan love nachos… at least the ones that I know!  At any rate, it’s hard for us to turn down the chance to try a new nachos recipe.

561149_4232365574441_1515796073_nI can’t vouch for the authenticity of this recipe, as I’ve never been to a Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  What I can, on the other hand vouch for, is the deliciousness of the combination of ingredients, and the snorfitute of the recipe.  It didn’t last long here, and we’ve made it a couple of times since the first try.

We’ve done some substituting in this recipe for the sake of convenience, and usually choose to use whole-grain tortilla chips instead of frying won-ton chips ourselves.  This saves a lot of time, a lot of oil, and a lot of hassle when you just want to relax.  It also keeps your house from stinking of hot oil (I’m particularly scent-sensitive, and anything deep-fried along with my complaints of the smell of bacon cooking that you’ve seen before – sends me running for the hills).  I actually prefer the store-bought chips (oh, blasphemy!!) because they are crisper and less oily in the end.

I have also substituted vegetable broth 553941_4232365454438_1615479611_ngranules for chicken broth granules in the cheese sauce.  This did not make a difference noticeable enough for me to taste.

If you are looking for a fun way to up the ante on games night or are showing an Italian movie on family movie night and want to find some noms that match the theme, I highly recommend trying these out.  They are only a little bit more work than traditional nachos, which is more than made up for with the fantastic flavour!