Traveling with my husband

I am so lucky that I get to travel sometimes with my husband to his conferences.  It leads me to fun places and adventures I never would get to experience otherwise.

This most recent trip has been to Edmonton, where we stayed at the Staybridge Inn and Suites – which I adore.  The people here are the nicest I’ve ever experienced in a hospitality environment since we stayed at the Aria in Vegas.  The hotel is beautiful and fun and quiet and lovely.  I feel so lucky to get to be on this trip, and just have the chance to relax in an incredible environment.

I guess this is a double gratitude – both for my trip and for the company my husband works for which allows me this opportunity to travel with him and experience these places and things.


Our fabulous petsitter

Anyone who knows me knows how very, very much my animals mean to me.  We used to bring Ivy –
our dog – with us whenever we travelled, but as she’s gotten older she’s been less interested in long car trips (and more interested in napping with her kitties on the sofa).  My cats, of course, are not fond at all of anything outside of their home turf!

We found a fantastic pet-sitting service, locally, and they are a life saver.  I’m so grateful to feel like my animals are safe and happy while we are gone.  (You can find our petsitting service here: Happy Returns).

Dude, it’s spring!


While autumn is my favourite season, I can’t help but love Spring almost as much.  The green everywhere, flowers starting to bloom, and fresh smell of ozone after spring rain is balm to a winter-hardened soul.

What are you grateful for today?