Book Review – Pines

Pines (Wayward Pines #1)Pines by Blake Crouch

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

What a fun, fast read. I couldn’t put this down – it’s weird and fascinating and intriguing and mysterious and kept me reading til 1 am when I finally finished it. Now I can’t wait to start number two in the trilogy, and am already requesting book three from the library!

Special Agent Ethan Burke has been sent to Wayward Pines to discover what happened to two other Secret Service agents, who disappeared while on an investigation in the small, seemingly idyllic town. What he finds seems to defy expectation, and it looks like he is going to be the next agent who never gets to leave.

This book is creepy. Very creepy. It is also reminiscent of Twin Peaks, which the author acknowledges was an inspiration for his work. It’s fun, and definitely an entertaining read.

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