Auchentoshan 12 year


Overall – 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Bottle Boasts – 
Triple Distilled, extra smooth, delicate flavour.

Delivers –
Very smooth, not too strong of a burn, pleasant mix of flavours.

Tasting Notes

To The Eye
Golden Honey

– Dead on, pleasing colour

To The Nose
Creme brulee, a burst of citrus and the signature nuttiness and green leafiness of Auchentoshan

– No idea what creme brulee smells like.  Definitely get the nuttiness and green smell.  Very pleasing, enjoyable aroma

To The Tongue
Smooth and sweet with hints of tangerine and lime

– Again, not sure about tangerine, but it does have that citrus punch I’d expect from a lime

To The End
Gingery and slightly drying, with a pleasant lingering nuttiness

– Yes! Ginger, I was trying to identify that.  It does dry the mouth, but not as much as some others I’ve had.  And it has a pleasant lingering taste, not bitter or sweet, just a pleasant mouth warming sensation.

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