Book Review – What Comes Next

What Comes NextWhat Comes Next by John Katzenbach

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Never underestimate the determination of a former psychology professor, even if he has started to lose his marbles, like Adrian. He’s finally gone to the doctor to see what’s going on, after having a long conversation one night with s dead wife. It all seemed perfectly ordinary until she vanished, and he remembered she had run her car into a tree some time ago. After learning that he has a rare brain disease that will rob him of his faculties and replace them with hallucinations, he comes home to witness a kidnapping from his own driveway.

But what did he really see? Is the girl out three somewhere, just a runaway as the police believe? Or was she dragged into that white panel van for more nefarious purposes? Adrian is determined to find out, even if he is the only one on the case, though his time is running out, with reality being replaced by conversations with long dead loved ones more and more every day.

This is a great mystery suspense novel, complete with some heartbreak and fascinating characters. Definitely a good read.

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