Book Review – 77 Shadow Street

77 Shadow Street (Pendleton, #1)77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

I love Dean Koontz, and it’s rare that I give a book of his a three-star rating, but I had so much trouble getting into this book, that I just couldn’t push it any higher. I have a rule about books; I give them all a 100 page chance to suck me in. If they can manage that, I keep reading. If not, I feel no guilt for giving up.

By 100 pages I was only slightly invested in this book, and part of that had to do with cats. Koontz writes dog characters so well (his true fans will know what I’m talking about here!) that I was really curious what he would do with a pair of cats. The answer? Not much, really. They barely show up in the book. But when I checked to see if I’d made it past page 100 I was already in at 250+ and at that point decided it’d be silly to stop.

The end of this book is the best part. I just found it so disjointed at the start with introducing so very many characters at once that I had a hard time really involving myself with any of them. What I usually like best about Koontz books are how likeable the characters are and how invested I feel in their personal outcomes. There’s a reason the Odd Thomas books make me cry (heck I cry every time I think about Stormy, but… yanno…). I didn’t get that here, not until I was much further into the book because there are so many characters. I did wind up feeling close to a few of them by the end, but not the way I normally do in his books.

While this was a solid read, and had some really scary jumpy points in it, and some really tender sweet points in it, I wasn’t quite as engaged as I usually am with books by this author, and that made me a little sad. But no less likely to read anything else he publishes, because I’m also that kind of fan.

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