Book Review – Cemetery Girl

Cemetery GirlCemetery Girl by David J. Bell

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

This was one of those books where I have to yell at it while reading because I know the character that I like is going to make a big huge mistake.

They never listen to me *dramatic sigh*

Caitlin went missing when she was just 12 years old. Her dad sent her to walk their rambunctious dog in the park across the street, and the dog came home alone, trailing his leash and unable to explain what he witnessed on that fateful day. It’s been four years, and Tom and Abby’s marriage has fallen apart as they grew to live in the distance of a family missing a member in different ways. Abby found religion, and a devious preacher that fills her mind with ideas to write off her daughter as dead and move in with him instead. Tom never stopped fighting to find Caitlin and pushed the police to follow every lead. Because of his work, suddenly their daughter is returned, but she is not the girl that left the house happily walking a dog four years ago, and it throws everyone into a spiral of despair and trauma.

I really related to Tom, and not so much to Abby (mainly because she seemed to be to be kind of deluded and sheep-like). I didn’t like some of Tom’s decisions, and had to yell at him a lot. The same with Caitlin, who I didn’t really understand sometimes, but could certainly sympathize with.

The mystery in this book isn’t so much about where Caitlin went, but about what happened while she was gone, and how far her father would go to find out the “truth” of her missing years. He becomes obsessed with knowing, even when it’s made clear to him that moving on will probably be easier if he doesn’t know all the details. He does some icky, risky stuff and hurts people he loves and ultimately probably causes more damage than he intended. I know he had good intentions, but this just illustrates how when an obsession takes someone over, harmless as it may seem, it can ruin their life.

A good book, decent plotting and relatable characters.

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