Book Review – Breakaway

BreakawayBreakaway by Michael Betcherman

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

I was skeptical about this book, and it really was a fun and pleasant surprise!

Nick’s dad, a former pro-hockey player, is in jail for murder, and Nick is playing detective – trying to find the bald man that framed his dad while keeping up with high school and his own hockey team, not to mention a girlfriend and a group of supportive guy friends who are up for helping him as much as they can. Of course, he has obstacles of his own to overcome, including a new player on his hockey team who is more about keeping his own stats up than helping his team win games, and a new college-age suitor who has an eye on the girl he adores. Meanwhile, Nick is being put up by his dad’s former manager and his wife, who seem a little too good to be true, and perhaps are.

This book is geared toward adolescent boys, and as much as I love YA fiction, I wasn’t sure this would be one for me, particularly because I don’t know much about hockey and it is such a strong element in the book. However, I absolutely loved it! The characters are well-written, the suspense is intriguing from the start, and the mystery of the murderer kept me interested throughout.

This would be a great book for boys who tend to be reluctant readers, as the characters are relatable and real, and the writing manages to balance between easy to read and fascinating.

*This book was received at no cost through the GoodReads First Reads program.

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