Book Review – This Beautiful Life

This Beautiful LifeThis Beautiful Life by Helen Schulman

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

A teenage boy goes to a party on a night his parents are otherwise engaged and perhaps not paying as much attention to him as they should. A younger girl, left even more to her own devices, falls for him, but he brushes her off as too young. To impress him, she creates a sex video of herself and emails it to the boy. The boy, confounded as to what to do next, emails the video to his best friend for advice.

What happens next changes the lives of not only the boy and the girl, but with the kind of rapid information sharing that happens in our world today, the other students at school, the parents and their colleagues, even the boy’s little sister are all touched by what a few megabytes of data on the internet can do.

This is a tale straight out of modern life. The world moves at a different pace now than it did when we were children, even when we were teens in high school, and one mistake can alter not only your own future, but the futures of people all around you. Families have to struggle to readjust to a life lived as an open book, and workplaces have to consider what someone’s online life looks like to their clients.

This was an interesting read, but in some ways drifted into Lifetime Movie world. I didn’t find it extraordinary, but it was touching and intriguing, with characters that were fairly relatable.

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