Book Review – Every Secret Thing

Every Secret ThingEvery Secret Thing by Laura Lippman

My rating: (3.5 / 5)

Seven years ago, a baby left in a pram outside of a house disappears. Two little girls, walking home from a party, found the baby and took her to “take care of her” in her “abandoned” state. After the death of the child, the girls were sent away to a juvenile facility until the age of eighteen. Recently, they have both come home, and another little girl has gone missing.

There are several interesting twists and turns in this novel, including one that really surprised me. In places, the story drags a little bit, and I found myself drifting away, a bit bored. The characters are fascinating, and it’s a gripping case of “Is this person who I think they are, and did our system make them that way?” that will keep you turning the pages when the plot gets a bit slow.

Not stellar, but an interesting read.


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