Recipe Pin Review – BLT Pasta Salad

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4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Pasta salad is a perpetual favourite of mine.  BLTs are a favourite
lunch of the husband.  This seemed as natural a choice as our marriage,
and so it landed on our menu for a lunchtime rendezvous that we were both
very much looking forward to.

The pasta I used was
whole wheat, again, because that’s how we roll.  I couldn’t find whole
wheat shells at our grocery store, so I chose fusilli for a substitute.
Gotta love how those little spirals hang on to the dressing in a pasta
salad; in my opinion they were made for cold salads much more than
shells (shells are made for cheese, don’tchaknow…) Also, unlike the picture, I sliced the leeks instead of chopping them.  The instructions actually call for them sliced, so I was doing as I was told, though it looks a little less pretty in a picture.

The ranch dressing packet adds a ton of flavour to this dish without having to ravage the spice rack.  I usually find other people’s pasta salad recipes to be way, way too bland and boring.  I add so many different things to my own signature pasta salad that it would have an ingredient list a whole page long if I ever took the time to actually write it out.  When I saw that the only real “spice” going into this was that ranch packet, I was skeptical, but my fears were unnecessary.  Oh yum.

This pasta salad is phenomenal, and phenomenally easy to make.  I used pre-cooked, packaged crumbled bacon.  We usually have a big bag in the fridge from Costco, because in recipes like this I can use the bacon that makes my husband happy without stinking up the whole house with icky bacon stink.  Yes, I’ve mentioned it before; I hate the smell of cooking bacon, and was so relieved I didn’t have to endure it for this dish.

Plenty easy enough for a weekday lunch, yummy enough to please people at any pot-luck, and definitely hearty enough to fill up my husband and make him a happy man, this is going on permanent rotation in my kitchen.  Yum!

OmNomNom – healthy and delicious and hearty – who could ask for more?



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