Book Review – The Night Circus

The Night CircusThe Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. It drew me in immediately, and I dropped everything else I was reading to concentrate soley on this book. What a fantastical, magical story.

The setting of the story – a circus in the late 1800s – early 1900s – was enough to capture my imagination. The idea that the circus was only open from nightfall to sunrise and was composed entirely of black and white with dashes of red? That set my brain spinning into all the possibilities. Toss in some old-school, kind of scary, ancient magicians having a contest of true illusions – not slight-of-hand – being performed by their proteges, a touch of a love story, a mysterious clockmaker, identical twin children who train kittens to perform acrobatic feats and attractions that include a laybrinth of clouds and a tent filled with scent-experience bottles and jars and I was done in.

I want to live inside the world of The Night Circus.

I loved this book. And you should, too. It has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for history, drama, suspense, romance, or action. It’s beautifully written with tight dialogue and sweeping, lyrical settings. It’s a very good book, and I think I’ll be reading it again.

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