Book Review – The Reach

The ReachThe Reach by Nate Kenyon

My rating: (3 / 5)

The blurb on the cover compared this book to vintage Stephen King, and I agree. It is extremely reminscent of Firestarter, one of my favourites from when I was a teenager. In fact, it’s pretty much what Firestarter would have been, were it set in today’s high-tech, genome discovering, mercenery world.

There’s a young girl. She’s special. And a college student has been assigned to find out why. Is she schizophrenic? Is she psychic? Jess strives to figure it out, despite constant roadblocks thrown in her way by the director of the institution where the girl is held.

The book culminates in a no-holds barred action sequence that felt a little forced to me after the intellectual, thought-oriented, relationship-based start of the book, but it does tie up ends nicely. A fun read, quick going, and well-written.


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