Book Review – Girls in White Dresses

Girls in White DressesGirls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

My rating: [usr 1]

Done and disgusted.

Not only was the start of this book full of cliches, but when I reached the part where it was a big joke and tragedy for one of the female characters to be set up on a date with “an obese person” – leading to her having to drink and wail and cry at her girlfriends later “What about me says I should be fixed up with an obese person?”… followed by all kinds of commisseration about how she was too good for that, I was ready to toss the book.

I thought okay, maybe it’s going to be that she realizes the errors of her ways and ends up falling in love with the guy. No. Instead she’s fixed up with an effeminate guy she makes fun of next. At that point, I lost it and was not going to finish it. I DO NOT recommend this book at all. It left me feeling sick and offended.


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