Expert? Talent? Who me?

I have been working my behind off lately to work up a portfolio for my application at Demand Media for an “Expert” position.  I needed to show off that I could teach concepts on video, that I had a personality that translated well on screen and that I could work professionally on-air. I had to show a knowledge of social media, including twitter, bloggin, and Facebook, and that I had enough background knowlege that I could star in a diverse series of videos.

I spent so much time worrying about it before I submitted the application that I found myself up late, stressing, worrying… and I shouldn’t have.  I submitted my application finally on Friday afternoon, and this morning I was accepted.  I was so excited!  I bounced.  I yelled.  I called my husband at work.  I congratulated myself on building such a fantastic portfolio up.

I discovered through the portfolio making process that I really loved making videos.  It took me back to when I was teaching crafting classes regularly.  I felt connected and inspired. But there’s a hitch.

I discovered today that the Expert position is unpaid.

Seriously?  Unpaid?  They’ve been paying me for my writing for a year now, and then get me all excited about the prospect of this position, get me to work up a portfolio for it, then inform me it’s unpaid.  Seriously?

Technically, they didn’t “inform” me at all.  I spent all day going over and over their training materials trying to find the pay rate today, and finally asked on the forum.  Another “Expert” clued me in.

I think I’ll continue to make the Youtube videos.  I’m sure that I will, but unless I can find a local videographer willing to split his fee with me, I don’t know if there’s a point being “talent” for them. At least with YouTube I might make some Adsense revenue eventually!

What did you think?