Book Review – The Millionaires

The MillionairesThe Millionaires by Brad Meltzer

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Have you ever read a book and thought, “This would make a great vintage Tom Cruise action movie.” Not current Tom Cruise, mind you, because he’s too old to be a great Oliver (the leading character) now, but in his “The Firm” era he’d have rocked this role.

Speaking of which, if you like books like “The Firm”, you’ll love “The Millionaires.” It’s full of upper-crust rich folk banking intrigue, Secret Service agent action, and even a little bit of Disney imagineers and a race through the happiest place on earth to put the icing on the cake. Oliver is a bit player at a bank for the wealthy, an associate working under one of the partners, slaving away in hopes of one day making it into an Ivy League business school for his MBA in a bid to “save” his family from a mountain of medical debt.

One of Oliver’s responsibilities involves wire transfers of unclaimed accounts, which are transferred over to the government. A stray fax with some inconsistencies pointed out by younger brother Charlie – an underling at the bank and notorious “Good Time Charlie” of sorts – sparks an idea. What’s a perfect crime? When no one knows a crime took place? Who would know, then, if unclaimed money went missing?

If you like action, mystery and intrigue, I recommend this one highly. It’s very entertaining, and led to several nights of staying up late to catch just a few more pages.

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