The Soul Collector

The Soul CollectorThe Soul Collector by Paul Johnston

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

The Soul Collector is the second installment in a fun crime saga following writer Matt Wells. What isn’t so fun is the antics of his former girlfriend, Sara, who is now following in the footsteps of her brother – the White Devil serial killer from the first book in the series.

Matt Wells is pretty savvy for a writer, going up against nasty bad guys, and solves some intricate puzzles along the way that had me scratching my head. I enjoyed the fact that this time I was surprised by the identities of the sidekicks, which I had figured out early on in the first book. I usually figure that stuff out early on, so I didn’t count it against the author, but I do give him major kudos for fooling me this time!

The author also gets accolades from me for managing to conjure up an atmosphere of fear and horror without being overly graphic with the bloody gore. I don’t like gratuitous nastiness that just turns mey stomach, and Johnston walks the fine line between making it authentic and frightening without just turning it gross.

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