The Cinderella Pact

The Cinderella PactThe Cinderella Pact by Sarah Strohmeyer

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Three best friends meet for comfort food at a favourite restaurant one day and are seated in the back, by the kitchen, despite requesting the window table they hold as their favourite spot. All three are horrified that they are being hidden away like a dirty secret, and resolve to transoform themselves into the princesses they feel they truly are by losing weight. All three choose different methods – gastric bypass for one, weight watchers for another, a personal trainer and nutritionist for the third, and all of them find their way to weight loss, but along the way discover that it’s not a magic wand to solve the problems in their lives. If they had a husband they “settled for” before, he’s no better once the weight is gone. A bad career that sucks your time and energy still sucks your time and energy. That boss that looked down on you – you thought because of your weight – is still a bitch when you’re “willow thin”. There is more to becoming a Cinderella than these woman thought.

This is a fun, light, quick read with interesting characters you can get behind and root for, and one in particular that I wanted to take home and make into one of *my* best friends. While the book does have a bit of annoying prosthetizing about both religion and weight loss, it’s quirky and entertaining despite these flaws, and despite the frequent lapses into weight loss cliche.

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